And…we’re off!

2018 ended without a bang…both literally and figuratively.

The year ended off with everyone in the falling asleep well before the hands of the clock struck midnight; before a line in the sands of time was drawn, signifying the start of something new.

It was probably a neat allegory of how we (or maybe just me) were so tired of the year. We just had to fall asleep, we wanted it to be over, so that we could wake up in the new year, ready to go, to pick up where we left off, and start over fresh.

This year brings about new challenges too. Our eldest is now in primary school (how time flies) and the youngest will be sent off to a daycare center. Daughter number one will do fine. Despite a demeanor that many may describe as, coddled, she can more than handle her own when necessary. She’s been an absolute star in adapting to the recent changes in our family. She will do fine, and she will grow. Daughter number two is a bit more of a challenge. Being a high need baby, taking care of her can be difficult. And having taking care of her for the past four months, we’re more than a little anxious about dropping her off at daycare. We can only hope for the best.

We’re all adjusting to the new routine of waking up early in the morning, getting everyone prepared and out the door by a set time. We’ll get there, and we’ll be better because of it. Because hey, the early bird gets the worm – right?

Let’s go 2019! We got this!

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