Whoa nelly!

The last one and a half month or so has been pretty challenging. It’s like a mad dash to the finish line with a mile to go, your joints failing you and only fumes to power you to the end.

To say that I have been handling it well would be an understatement. The year has been a pretty bad one – or maybe not, it hasn’t been great, or too bad – I don’t know, it’s a little bit all over the place.

We approach the end of the year. An arbitrary line in the sand where we say we’re resetting whatever has happened in our last journey around the sun and begin our new journey with renewed vigour and determination.

But life doesn’t work that way does it? Everything in the recent past gets carried forward, whether you think you’ve dealt with it or not. Though I suppose setting a new zero lets us re-evaluate ourselves and re-purpose ourselves to meet challenges, new and old.

I’m really hoping that 2019 will let me grow into a better version of myself, and that things will turn out really well. 2018 has been mentally draining, and I can’t really say if I’m leaving the year behind as an improved version of myself.

Just like the stock markets, I can say that I’ll be impairing myself at the end of the year and starting anew with a lower base. I can then over exaggerate my self improvement in 2019. After all, moving up by 1 from a base of 1, is a lot better than moving up by 1 from a base of 100. See? No?

Anyways, for next year, would like to come out of this mental funk, write more (on this blog, and on whatever projects I’m working on), get healthier, be more useful professionally, and maybe travel a little bit more.

Most of all, I just want to be a better husband, a better father, and a better friend to everyone.

Here’s to a better 2019.

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