What a time

Day by day, annoyance at this government does nothing but escalate. From half assed-last-minute-bound-to-change SOPs, to taking very little accountability to mucking up our vaccine distribution.

Imagine a government, given emergency powers (medical emergency or political emergency, our constitution really doesn’t differentiate – emergency is emergency), but has zero fortitude to impose measures required – or rather, equal imposition of measures, discriminating neither the powerful or the rest of us hoi polloi.

To top it off, during these “unprecedented” times, the government doesn’t even appear to attempt to try (that’s right, not even trying to try) to form a coherent across the board welfare-slash-stimulus package to its citizens in this pandemic.

I put quotation marks around the word “unprecedented” because honestly, if we were three months into this crisis, you could still excuse some form of confusion as we wade thru some uncharted area. But going into two years, that excuse doesn’t hold water anymore.

Sure, we could claim that vaccine apartheid has hampered our efforts as well endowed nations, out of their obvious contempt and selfishness, have hoarded vaccines, enough to inoculate their people many times over. But that excuse gets pretty old quickly too. Many nations have managed to bring down infection rates via proper, strict movement controls.

Of course, this government, worships the ever-benevolent God of the Economy, and deems its citizens a worthy sacrifice to keep this deity fed. Every now and then the leaders – who I might add, seized power from an ELECTED government – would make an appearance, and attempt to placate its peoples, saying “the economy is important, but we care about you too”, and throw us one off scraps to buy some time, for what, is anyone’s guess.

Everywhere I look, people are tired, and they are angry. They feel abandoned, and many are feeling hopeless. After several rounds of lockdown-not-lockdown, many people are feeling the brunt, enough to have to put white flags outside their homes, to tell people that they need help.

I am so glad to see that many of us are coming together to to help where we can. This is who we really are, a nation of people coming together to pick each other up when times are tough.

What I can’t accept is that this administration has the gall, the nerve, the audacity to threaten people who put white flags outside. Claiming it as a smear campaign, a propaganda against the government.

How close hearted, and obtuse must you be to not be able to recognise that people are desperate?

This government is not merely incompetent, it is maliciously incompetent.

It endangers us all, and it cannot be tolerated any further.

#UnplannedRant #Lawan

We cannot be apathetic about politics.

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