Adventures of a barista wannabe

A couple of weeks back, I was given the opportunity, by a friend, to set up a coffee kiosk at a kindy concert.

At first I was a little bit hesitant. I’ve never done anything of the sort. Mostly I would play barista at home, brewing up cups of coffee for myself, and for my occasional guests.

Coffee and I

How did I get myself into coffee? “oh, you studied in Melbourne! Coffee Mecca of the world (I’d bet some folks from Seattle might have a thing or to to say about that), of course you’d be into coffee! How could you not?!” The thing is, as far as I recall, back when I left…

Coffee Buzz

So, here’s another attempt at reviving this blog. And what better way to jolt something to life than to give it some caffeine? I figured, since I never know what to write about, why don’t I just write about something I’m obsessed with, like…coffee! I’m not a coffee snob (honest!). I love coffee, and I…