Hello Again

So if you’ve been reading the news, you’d know that Twitter has been bought over by an absolute turd of a person.

What will change once he fully takes the reins remains to be seen, but if his character is anything to go by, I doubt it’ll be any good.

I suppose that means that I’ll probably be pouring more of my thoughts into this website. Don’t be mistaken, despite my absence, I have a lot of unfinished – things – sitting in drafts. I’m of a few opinions about why I can’t seem to finish my articles. For one, I think my spurt of “inspired thinking” happens at random times throughout the day, particularly before I sleep – I know that many people recommend keeping a notebook at the side to write down thoughts before sleep – but I know that if I do that, my brain just goes on overdrive and I won’t be sleeping til waaaaaay later.

Another reason that I think I can’t seem to finish what I write is that I feel that I don’t know enough about a certain topic, doubt myself, read up about it and in the end totally lose my attention.

Nevertheless though, maybe, for the thousandth time, I’ll try to shit out my brains here.

Here’s to hoping again.

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