And done!

Phew, what a hectic couple of months it has been. This is obviously an excuse for lack of updates to this blog, but I’ll ask you to forgive me anyway.

For a good six moons, I have slogged through piles of texts, formulas and diagrams (as much as I could anyway), and, I even went volunteering solo with The Kechara Soup Kitchen (fighting off all my anxieties and panic attacks when I’m around people) to finally complete my studies!

I did it! After seven, long, painful colourful years, I finally did it!

I can’t explain how much weight was lifted off my shoulders when I saw, typed in letters, on the University’s letter head that I “…had successfully completed the programme and fulfilled all the requirements for graduation”.

It was almost like I was Atlas, and that the weight of carrying the world was lifted off my shoulders. I could now stand up straight, and stare into the horizon, the future for my taking.

True to nature, a voice at the back of my head tried to pull me down, telling me that I merely achieved what everyone has, but much much later.

I won’t let it win.

This victory is mine, sure, my pace might be slower different, but it’s my victory nonetheless, and nobody can take this from me.

Now, onwards to new challenges.

unsplash-logoIan Stauffer

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