Impostor syndrome

Wow, it’s been about two months since I wrote anything here. Since then, many things have changed, and some things, not at all. Does that make sense?

Looking back at my previous technical analysis post, I surmise that I was dead wrong. Glove stocks didn’t tank, they’re neither here, neither there. The KLCI also is kind of neither here neither there – it also did not do as badly as I expected.

What’s going to happen moving forward? I don’t really know, neither have I paid any particular attention to it. There are a few exciting things on my plate right now, and I would very much like to focus on that. What are they? Well, if you know, you know.

My absence isn’t a sign that I’ve abandoned this site blog (does anyone use that term anymore?), I think about what to write all the time. There are several things on my mind that I have thoughts about, but I never seem to be able to bring myself to write it out. On the fore are my thoughts on some public policy issues, relationships with the economy and the market.

My biggest fear about writing this all down is that I discover that I really have nothing to say at all, and that there are real experts out there who you should hear out instead of me.

But I guess I will eventually, eventually outrun that fear, and finally put something out for you (whoever you are, or if there is actually anyone at all) to read, and perhaps engage upon.

Until then, my own thoughts will keep telling me to sit down for now.

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