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How did I get myself into coffee?

“oh, you studied in Melbourne! Coffee Mecca of the world (I’d bet some folks from Seattle might have a thing or to to say about that), of course you’d be into coffee! How could you not?!”

The thing is, as far as I recall, back when I left that city circa 2009, coffee didn’t seem to be such a big thing. I might be mistaken though, since as a foreign student, I frequented other more mainstream establishments, like the Bald Jewish Guy chocolate place, or the Donut Jesus Place, or the Seattle Coffee Chain (not me though, thank Odin), so I might have missed out on the whole initial boom.

So I guess I can say that my passi…no, too passé…my interest in coffee… began after I returned to Malaysia.

How?I can’t specifically recall.

As any normal, non-morning person, my first go-to routine…

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