Where did the time go?

So today is bub’s orientation at her school.

I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “where did all that time go?”

It seems to me that it was only yesterday that she was a wee little toddler. Sputtering out half words, making cheeky faces.

Now she’s going to be on her own at school, making new friends, learning new things. Before we know it, she’s going to start wanting more space. Maybe I tell myself that that won’t happen, but we all know eventually it will.

That’s okay, kids grow up. And I know, or at least I hope that, though we grow older, even if the space between us grows, we continue to grow closer. As a parent, I’d want nothing more than for my kids to be able to tell me anything.

Bub’s going to grow to be her own person, and I promise to let her do that, and provide her all the support she needs.

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