As I often try to start something new, it ends a natural death.

My intention of starting this blog was for it to be a personal tracker of my progress towards becoming healthier.

Obviously that didn’t happen, as the tolls of being a dad, a full time corporate slave a part time dean’s list aspirant student proved to be too much to handle all in one go.

I realize that most times I try to juggle too many things at once, perhaps due to my incessant need to be a super achiever (I blame my inferiority complex for this). I have to be that guy who gets number one in class, that guy who can outrun his friends or that guy who can achieve the highest KPI in the team. Of course pursuing to juggle all these things at one go often means that I lose focus and that I will tend to drop the ball more often.

I suppose I need to re-look at some of my objectives for this year, and emulate what my current employer is trying to do, which is to ‘trim the fat’. This means that projects will have to be prioritized and whichever goals that are less important, or not absolutely necessary now, should be shelved for later.

So here I am, shelving some projects for later as I focus on things that are more important now.

Hey, at least, at the end of the day, I still have that embarrassing ‘before’ photo still up from my previous post.

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